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07 - 17 May 2025

DreamBIG Children’s Festival

DreamBIG Children’s Festival is South Australia’s iconic biennial arts festival for schools and families that places its audience at the centre of inventive, imaginative, and inspiring arts experiences.



07 - 17 May 2025

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Circus, Industry Events, Interactive, Magic, Music, Physical Theatre, Theatre, Visual Arts, Workshops


Adelaide Festival Centre




Adelaide Festival Centre
King William St, Adelaide SA 5000
+61 8 8216 8600

Since its inception as Come Out Festival in 1974, millions of school children have participated in this biennial celebration, making it the longest running curated children's festival in the world and the only one in Australia. Programs for both schools and families include shows, exhibitions and workshops designed to spread joy and inspire curiosity in the next generation of festival attendees.

More than 2.5 million South Australian children have participated in the festival since its inception in 1974 (as Come Out Festival), and it remains an intrinsic part of growing up in South Australia.

Adelaide Festival Centre has produced DreamBIG since 2015 and has embraced the responsibility that comes with putting on an event that holds such an important place in the hearts and souls of South Australians of every age.

DreamBIG Children’s Festival is divided into two program streams – the schools’ program where children participate in events and performances through their school, and the general public program for families.

The festival includes performances specifically designed for audiences under two, from gentle lullabies to interactive performances that encourage them to explore the possibilities of movement. Everyone can enjoy DreamBIG’s thought-provoking and educational performances thanks to a range of facilities and services including wheelchair loan service, assistive hearing system, accessible seat allocations and access-friendly drop-off/ pick up points. With equity pricing and transport subsidies for disadvantaged schools, DreamBIG is for every South Australian student.

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  • The biennial DreamBIG Children’s Festival continues to be an integral part of Adelaide’s festival scene. Those who are old enough will remember its origins as the Come Out Festival, and today DreamBIG Festival is still an important part of South Australian school life.

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