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Be a part of the festival capital

Volunteer for an up-close-and-personal experience. Study festival management at one of Adelaide’s universities.  Participate as an artist or presenter at one of our open-access festivals. Research the impacts and innovations of the festival sector. Or just kick back and enjoy the shows and atmosphere. However you decide to get involved, there is something for everybody here.

Get involved


Get involved with volunteering

Volunteers are the beating heart of Festival City Adelaide. The Festival Volunteer Network (FVN) is a service that helps to connect volunteers to the major arts and culture festivals in South Australia. It makes signing up and participating in the festivals quick and easy!

Join us in creating the Festival City by volunteering at any one or all of our festivals.


Get involved as a student

Curious about how to transition your passion for festivals into a career?

Adelaide is the best place to pursue a degree in festival management thanks to the partnerships developed with local universities to deliver industry-relevant courses that will accelerate your pathway into work in the sector.

Discover your degree options and how you can kickstart your future in festivals.

Get involved


Get involved as an artist

Whether you are an emerging or established artist, there are many avenues through which to create, present, and showcase your talents. Adelaide is home to several open-access festivals, which means that you can register, prepare, and deliver your show or art at numerous festival platforms throughout the year.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your creativity and sparkle to the stage, find your audience, and transform your vision into reality with one of our numerous open-access festivals.


Get involved as a researcher

Festivals create significant and wide-ranging impacts.

Access to arts education and professional development. Social and community wellbeing. Economic benefits to GDP and local business. Environmental sustainability leadership.

And much more.

We aim to understand and capture as many of these impacts as possible. If you are an academic or researcher ready and eager to delve deeper into the value and impact that non-profit arts and cultural festivals create, we hope to hear from you.


Get involved as a sponsor

Do you love the impacts that arts and cultural festivals create for communities?

Becoming a sponsor or donor to one or more of our many non-profit festivals is an easy process and rewarding decision, given that your dollar will be multiplied exponentially by the benefits delivered to the public.

Don’t delay, and become a contributor to the wellbeing of our community.

Festival City Stories

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