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Resources 07 Jan 2021

DreamBIG Educational Resources

The DreamBIG Children’s Festival is an iconic arts festival for children and young people held every 2 years in South Australia.

The festival was originally known as Come Out Children’s Festival, and started in 1974. Since then it’s become an important part of South Australia’s preschool and school calendar.

The festival includes:

  • a poster competition, where the winning entry is used in festival materials
  • an opening event involving around 2,000 children
  • performances
  • workshops
  • statewide projects
  • activities
  • film
  • exhibitions
  • storytelling experiences
  • teacher professional learning opportunities.

The festival has:

  • a schools program, where students take part in events and performances through their school
  • a general public program for families.

DreamBIG Festival offers teaching resources and workshops, runs poster competitions and an arts ambassador program, as well as many other materials and opportunities to get involved with the Festival. For more information, please visit this Department for Education website.