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Be a part of the future of our Festival City.

There are so many ways students can be involved in the festival city, from volunteering to contributing as an artist!

Get involved


Study Festivals in Adelaide

Festival City Adelaide has partnered with Flinders University to deliver Bachelors of Creative Industries with majors in Festivals Management and Festivals and Arts Production, respectively.

This three-year degrees connect you with industry from day one, giving you the knowledge, skills and networks needed to become a professional, adaptable and creatively focused operator with multidisciplinary skills. Those taking part in these unique majors will learn about the cultural and economic impacts of festivals locally and globally and participate in immersive placement experiences during their studies.

Together, we are developing and building up the next generation of movers, shakers, and thinkers, those who will continue co-create festivals in our city together, inspiring new ideas, ventures and connections.

Create & Showcase

Participate As An Artist

Adelaide is home to numerous open access festivals, in which everyone is highly encouraged to participate as an artist or presenter. There is no better place to test out a creative idea, team up with your friends to present a group production, or share your unique passion for arts and culture!

Each open access festival does things a little differently, but the festival coordinators and teams are extremely helpful, ready to support you in your every endeavour.

Go solo, join the fun with friends, or get involved with a local venue or organisation. Find out more about all the possibilities on the following sites:

Adelaide Fringe

SALA Festival

Feast Festival

SA History Festival


Volunteer for fun or experience!

As a world-leading festival city, Adelaide offers a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal to the inner workings of the cultural festivals through our Festival Volunteer Network. Get hands-on experience, while contributing to the incredible production and atmosphere of festivals.

Festival City Stories

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