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Impact 17 Oct 2022

2022 Candidate Survey: Adelaide Edition

Ahead of the 2022 Local Government elections, Festival City Adelaide surveyed candidates about their policy positions pertinent to arts festivals and events.

South Australians value the significant and diverse contributions that festivals and events make to our State and their local communities. Festivals boost tourism and the economy, amplify wellbeing and community cohesion, vitalise local identity, and support education. They are also often springboards for business development, export opportunities, and innovation.

On behalf of its membership and the South Australian communities that festivals serve, Festival City Adelaide invited all local government candidates across South Australia to share their policy approaches to festivals and events via an online survey.

The survey focused on seven areas of policy:

– Arts and culture
– Business
– Infrastructure
– Sustainability
– Community and wellbeing
– Tourism
– Investment

This report compiles all responses received from City of Adelaide candidates. Their profiles appear alphabetically. Submitted responses have been edited for improved clarity.

Read more here.