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Impact 27 Jun 2022

WOMADelaide: 2022 Impact

The 2022 WOMADelaide impact reporting reflects the enormous positive benefits that the festival has on South Australia, the arts, and our local communities. The significant social, cultural and economic boost provided by the presentation of the festival would not have been possible without the support of our partners, generous donors, and wonderful audiences.

Based on analysis of its 2022 customer survey data, modelling by Nielsen Sports and independent economic and financial analysis by ERC Pty Ltd, WOMADelaide are happy to report the 2022 festival had many significant impacts including –

  • More than $2.5 million invested in artistic programming.
  • Estimated associated expenditure (in gross terms) of $33.6 million in total throughout the economy. This is estimated as providing employment opportunities for 1,421 South Australians.
  • The holding of the event in South Australia is estimated as producing a net economic benefit of $17.4 million in terms of incomes (GSP) and 161 person years of employment.
  • More than 5,000 children under 12 attended the festival.
  • The event created 52,300 visitor nights in South Australia, with 97.5% of visitors saying they would recommend visiting Adelaide to friends and family.
  • 91% of visitors saying they would definitely visit the state again.


There is an extensive body of literature that recognises the social value created by an investment in cultural infrastructure – with evidence of improved quality of life, better health outcomes, and increased productivity. As an indication of the inherent value of the event to South Australians –

  • 96.4% of SA respondents considered the event culturally important to the state (80.3% considered it very important).
  • 85.6% of SA based respondents agreed with a statement that WOMADelaide is a core avenue by which they get to enjoy the cultural experiences they desire.
  • 92.9% of people said that hosting WOMADelaide improves the image of the region.
  • 93.2% agreed with a statement that attendance contributed positively to their wellbeing.
  • South Australians received an estimated “well-being” benefit of $3.8 million over and above what they spent in attending.


Other notable impacts –

  • Over 10 different organisations engaged and 300+ tickets distributed via our Community Access Program.
  • $36,400 contributed to Greening Australia to further develop the WOMADelaide Forests and carbon offset program.
  • For nearly 1 in 5 of attendees, 2022 was their first time attending WOMADelaide.
  • In 2022 WOMADelaide diverted 98% of waste from landfill, with 7.98 tonnes of green waste composted.
  • Over 650 artists presented across seven stages

Read the full 2022 report HERE

For information on how you can make an impact through WOMADelaide, see HERE