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Research 29 Apr 2021

WOMADelaide Sustainability Report

In 2021, WOMADelaide not only pulled off a memorable four-day festival, but also reached significant milestones in their effort to be environmentally responsible and a sustainable, green festival.


100% of waste from the WOMADelaide event site this year was diverted from landfill! With their continually evolving waste management strategies, and the help of Australian Green Clean, Jeffries, Suez Resource and Recovery, and Scouts Recycling, WOMADelaide was able to direct a total of 4.5 tonnes of festival waste to:

43% Composted green waste
24% Recycled materials
33% Recovered for alternative fuels

Reusable Cups

A significant contributor to WOMADelaide’s waste reduction efforts was their re-usable cup system so thank you to everyone who returned their cups. As a percentage of drinks sold, the organisers only lost 12% of cups this year – a great improvement on the 20% lost in 2020. Thank you to the majority of festival goers who didn’t take cups home! These cups will be re-used for many years to come at future WOMADelaide festivals and other events.

Carbon Offset Planting

With their commitment to developing the WOMADelaide Forests through Greening Australia, the organisation again donated $2 from every ticket sold this year to support native tree plantings in the Coorong and Lower Lakes region and on Kangaroo Island. Adding a total of $29,634 to investment in these important regeneration and conservation projects.