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The Festival Capital of Australia

Discover the arts and cultural festivals of Adelaide

  • Adelaide cabaret festival
  • Men playing drums on street
  • Children butterfly parade

Adelaide is an international cultural capital with an unparalleled calendar of festivals taking place throughout the year.


Its major arts and cultural festivals present an opportunity to see, experience, and explore this vibrant UNESCO Creative City.

The Festival Seasons

Experience Adelaide's festivals all year-round

  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Winter

Get Involved

We all create the Festival City. The input and energy of our whole community are crucial to its success. Volunteer for an up-close-and-personal experience. Study festival management at one of Adelaide’s universities. Participate as an artist or presenter at one of our open-access festivals. Research the impacts and innovations of the festival sector. Or just kick back and enjoy the shows and atmosphere. However you decide to get involved, there is something for everybody here.


Complement your festival experience with visits to local museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, bookshops, music venues, and cultural attractions. Find out why Adelaide is one of six UNESCO Creative Cities in Australia, and make sure to pair the rich arts and heritage offerings of the regions with their equally distinct food and wine. Between events, peek behind the scenes and meet the creatives who make this international festival capital tick all year round.

  • Is there any place in the world as magnificent as Adelaide during festival season? Some animating spirit takes over and the city is packed with thousands of people getting their minds turned inside out by art.

    Bridget Delaney

    The Guardian

  • Adelaide is a natural choice for those wanting a varied experience at a single destination... its reputation as ‘The Festival State’ should see you finalising your travel plans. The state has filled its calendar with a number of arts and culture-focused events that are sure to draw us over to South Australia’s capital.

    Vogue Australia 2021